In the hunt for some innovative packaging ideas that can be found on collector edition game releases, we found this! The Resident Evil 5 Collector’s Edition which was on limited sale. Its attention grabbing point is the backpack bag that contains the game and the merchandises. The immediate thought is “great, there will not be a wastage of plastic and cardboard“. And that’s just the point, there is no real packaging as such, a promotional item has been incorporated to have two uses. To contain the collector’s edition and to function as a backpack. Clever and simple! That’s why it is one of our favourite packaging ideas! What’s more it’s not just exclusive to the games console industry. Its promotional use can be applied to any product promotions. Now let’s have a look at the whole package.

  • Resident evil 5 game for Playstation 3
  • Chris Redfield 3 inch figurine
  • BSAA Patch
  • Kijuju Necklace
  • Steel book that contains bonus disk
  • The Tricell branded messenger bag that fits all items
Innovative packaging on Resident Evil 5 Collector's Edition

Innovative packaging on Resident Evil 5 Collector’s Edition

Why use innovative packaging on collector editions?

Firstly, collector and limited special editions are how they sound, limited and special! There would nothing special about cramming a whole load of gift goodies into a plain box. In many ways the box should be the vocal point of the box set by exciting consumers! A popular packaging method is to create a custom-built box from a unique material along with a unique shape and design. We love this approach and new ideas are always met with anticipation. If the box can be related to an item from the game, such as a treasure chest, coffin, mask, weapon or so on. Then this for us makes the perfect collector’s edition box set.

Here our other exciting and unique packaging designs that have caught out attention: