Promotional Packaging on Deathwatch by Warhammer is the perfect example of promotional packaging done to full effect. The collector’s edition role-play game comes in a decorative metal ammo crate that is held together by a key and a chain. Also included is a personalized edition of the Apocryphon Oath that is inscribed with your choice of Space Marine name and chapter of your choice which is hand written by a professional calligrapher. Making it an extremely desirable collectors item for fans of Deathwatch and role-playing games. Grab your set now before it runs out of stock!

Deathwatch Collector's Edition

Deathwatch Collector’s Edition

How collector editions use Promotional Packaging in the Games Industry to create a ‘must have product’

Promotional Packaging on collector edition game releases are always exciting times for loyal fans. The more unique and visually stunning, the better. Not to mention additional gift offerings such as figurines,wrapped in a valuable limited edition special packaging case. Special edition releases of role-play, computer and console games are all about adding value for customers. Value is added in various ways: exterior packaging, added gifts inside the packaging, personalization of items and the fact that releases are in limited numbers, all help to add immense value to the collector edition games offering. Special edition releases make great collectors items. To make the perfect collectors edition item the promotional packaging has to be of a good quality, have unique design relevant to the game and be visually eye-catching.

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