Here we find another special edition game that stands out. The stand out feature is the center piece item of the mounted ‘Batarang’ replica from the game “Batman:Arkham Asylum edition.” The game is produced by the entertainment giant, Eidos and it  came out in 2009 for Xbox 360, Playstation 3 and PC.

Stand Out Feature on Batman Special Edition

Stand Out Feature on Batman Special Edition

How a special edition uses a stand out feature item to maximize package offering.

Anyone who plays console games will have some idea of the different kinds of special edition games packages that different publishers release with various versions of successful game franchises. A successful special edition will feature some core aspects to motivate and entice game fans.

The stand out feature

The stand out feature is usually an item that stands out due to its size, design or function. Each game will provide 1 large central item to draw attention. Numerous small items with no large ‘stand out’ item will provide less of an attractive package. The stand out item can actually be any of the aspects in the above list. For example in the Batman:Arkham Asylum collector edition we see the following features

1. The packaging although not unique or collectible is still nice enough to be kept if desired.

2 The stand out item is the 14’’ Batarang on a stand.

3. additional items are fewer than most collector editions.

As you may see from these other collector editions below, All offerings have variation but most likely will have a stand out item(s). Look for yourself, can you pick their stand out item?