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What Gamers Want! – Tips on the Perfect Collector Edition Game Package

It is no lie that special edition and collector edition game releases are coming out thick and fast. Recently the sentiment within the gaming community is one of “isn’t it all a bit much and when will it end?” So how does this affect the gamer? Gamers are willing to reach into their pockets when the latest collector edition arrives in stores for a brief time. But are they as willing to reach into their pockets when the same game offers a slighty varied offering? A resounding “No” from most parties is evident as gamers feel they are becoming inundated with pricey yet very similar offerings. So as not to turn gamers off a game brand completely, here is a comprehensive list of ingredients to include in the perfect collectors edition game.

Collector Edition Merchandise Example

Collector Edition Merchandise Example

What to Offer in the Perfect Collector Edition

  1. Name – A game with an edgy collector edition name – Take for example Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell Blacklist Paladin Aircraft Edition.
  2. Packaging – Offer the whole package in a collectible and useful box. As eye-catching and uniquely designed the better. Boxes are the encompassing aspect of the collectors edition. Get it right and you are on the way to the perfect package.  Go for a box shape related to the game like here in the coffin-box tin inspired by The Undertaker in WWE 2K14 Phenom Edition.
  3. FigurineFigurines of game characters make valuable collectors items and decorative pieces. These are often the centre piece of a collector edition game. For example the 14cm figurine of Luffy from Pirate Warriors 2 Collectors Edition.
  4. Personalization – Add the aspect of personalization to really make the offering special, hand calligraphy messages and imprinted names give an extremely valuable touch. The hand written personalization in Deathwatch Collector’s Edition is the perfect example.
  5. Other Memorabilia – Other small memorabilia is also key. It can be useful, novelty, gimmick, funny or just decorative. The different memorabilia from Total War: Rome 2 Collector’s Edition shows the various items can even be other board game equipment.
  6. Bonus gaming footage/material – Add material that is exclusive  to the edition to make the receiver feel special as he is one of only a few to have access to the material. The offering from Final Fantasy XIV A Realm Reborn Collectors Edition, show the multitude of bonus material on offer.
  7. Amount – Collectors Editions should be limited editions: this is what drives up the value, however don’t make them too limited so as to make the price sky-rocket. You want to keep the offering available to your everyday fans.
  8. Timing – The timing of the release is key, time release for the Christmas shopping period, or peak times in the game industry in order to compete with rival games.
  9. Quality over quantity – The most important aspect. Game fans will quickly be turned off cheaply made, multiple and related editions. A quality offering of an anticipated collectors edition that is long-awaited will draw more attention, command a premium selling price and hold higher monetary value for the collector.