Software giants Microsoft offer two special edition packages for their game  Halo:Reach that came out in 2010. The runaway success of the Halo game franchise over the past 10 years made the Xbox console a success and hence keeping it popular. As with a lot of games out there, there are numerous editions aimed at collectors and enthusiasts. The main difference is noticed in the content and price which are altered in order to meet the needs of all the fans. The two options from Halo are great as they offer variations.

Halo:Reach Limited Special Edition

The more basic package of the two includes the following features:

  • The all important game disc in a recovered ONI black box
  • Additional exclusive elite armour set for use in only in multiplayer use.
  • An artifact bag with classified documents and other secrets from the Halo Universe.

Halo:Reach  Legendary  Edition

The mega pack complete Halo:Reach collection. Now this collection already contains ALL the items from the limited edition. In addition to that there are even more goodies and gifts.

  • An impressive Noble Team statue that features five action figures from the game. The statue is an individually custom made, hand-paint and numbered item that makes a perfect collector item and impressive ornament.
  • UNSC- themed custom packaging
  • An exclusive multiplayer Spartan arm affect option


Halo:Reach Special edition

Halo:Reach Special edition

How to make a special edition even better.

Halo generally seems to offer quality in these special edition sets but here are some additional items that would have made it even better

  • Wearable merchandise – The favourites are caps, t-shirts and bags.
  • Personalization aspect –  a real hit is the engraving or embossing of perusal names and message to some aspect of the offering.
  • Figurine – something that the fan can interact with such as a play toy action figure.

Check below for what we think makes a great collectors edition: