We all know the importance of having effective packaging, that’s why retailers and business owners invest heavily in a compelling and functional design. You might be surprised to know how much engagement is generated through eye-catching packaging. So, are you looking for trendy custom packaging for 2021? Here are the top 8 innovative packaging ideas for 2021. You’re in for a treat as we also present the keys to what makes a packaging stand out in the market today.

innovative packaging ideas

innovative packaging ideas

Top 8 Innovative Packaging Ideas for 2021

1. Minimalism: Less is More

In today’s market, most of the customers are already looking for product packaging with minimal designs. Some buyers aren’t a fan anymore of loud and bright colors. They now like the idea of less is more. So, one of the innovative packaging ideas this 2021 is minimalism. Just like this custom drink packaging. Moet & Chandon’s designer managed to keep the color schemes to black, gray, and white. The design is simple but totally classy. It has a strong aura that conveys its quality as a liquor brand.

innovative packaging ideas

Innovative Packaging Ideas

2. Touch of Realism

One of the trendy packaging ideas today is those with a touch of realism. Just like this brilliant packaging idea of Ariel and Tide, a limited free custom product container that matches the item they are selling. These detergent brands come up with a washing machine-like packaging idea, which is very clever if you ask us.

innovative packaging ideas

Innovative Packaging Ideas – Ariel Container

They were also able to maximize the design with their important branding details. Amazing, isn’t it? This packaging with a touch of realism conveys clearer information to customers on how to use their products.

innovative packaging ideas

Innovative Packaging Ideas – Tide Container


3. Green is In!

Customers are more eco-conscious in their purchases now more than ever. So, products with eco-friendly packaging are gaining traction in the market. True enough, people are slowly coming back to living an environmentally helpful, organic, and sustainable lifestyle. One good example is this bamboo packaging. It comes in different sizes and styles which are ideal for natural cosmetic promotional items, jewelry, sunglasses, handkerchiefs, towels, and other eco-friendly custom products. Are you keen on customizing this packaging? The product code is ODM-3374.

innovative packaging ideas

Innovative Packaging Ideas – Bamboo Packaging


4. Metallic Packaging

Are you looking for some metal tin packaging ideas? The best thing about metallic packaging is that it’s unbreakable, thus, it preserves the product’s original structure. Custom metal tin packaging offers great protection against water, oxygen, and light. Plus, it is not expensive. Check out these adorable metallic packaging idea which is ideal for chocolates, cookies, tea, cosmetics, jewelry, and etc. Item code: ODM-3496.

innovative packaging ideas

Innovative Packaging Ideas – Tin Packaging


5. Multi-Purpose Packaging

The functionality of packaging also extremely affects the buying decisions of shoppers. Customers love to buy products with sturdy custom packaging materials. We all agree that sometimes, we like the packaging more than the content. Unbelievable but it’s true, right? So, wow customers with a multi-functional packaging!

innovative packaging ideas

Innovative Packaging Ideas – Acrylic Boxes

innovative packaging ideas

Innovative Packaging Ideas – Multi-Layered Box


6. Wrapped in a Paper!

You would be surprised if we tell you that these pretty packagings are all made of paper. Who would have thought? So, delight your customers with these creative packaging promo paper handbags. Its chic and fab style makes it undeniably eye-catching to the customers. Then, what are you waiting for? Paper packaging is trendy this 2021.

innovative packaging ideas

Innovative Packaging Ideas – Paper Packaging


7. Leather Packaging

Does your brand stand for elegance and firmness? Well, custom leather packaging designs are suited for you! Not only can it protect your products, but it can absolutely build-up your brand. Do you want to impress your clients? Then, this packaging idea for wine and alcoholic drinks will make you stand out from your competitors.

innovative packaging ideas

Innovative Packaging Ideas – Leather Case for Drinks

8. Extra Creative and Purposeful Designs

Are you thinking of having out-of-the-box promotional packaging ideas? Well, this unique packaging design by Johnnie Walker is the perfect example. So, fire-up the interest of your customers and entice them to buy your products with these extra creative and purposeful packaging ideas.

innovative packaging ideas

Innovative Packaging Ideas – Johnnie Walker Gold Label

It has an elegant design plus it has giveaway items inside. You will inevitably capture their desire to get an item like this the moment they are inside your shop or online store.

innovative packaging ideas

Innovative Packaging Ideas – Johnnie Walker Gold Label


The Market of 2021

With the current pandemic, the year 2021 demands more innovative packaging ideas. The market was able to see what really matters to them. So, don’t settle for less. Never allow this global health crisis to stop you from moving forward. Take this as a challenge to step up not just from your competitors but for your brand itself. Think of how you can leverage great packaging design to market your brand. It’s time to stand out. Never give up now!


Our Takeaways…

Branding isn’t just about the logo, it’s the experience and values your customers are getting from you. So through creative packaging ideas, how can you convey your branding to the market?

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