How Did A Custom Box for Packaging Help Rocket Milo Sales?

A Custom packaging is a great way to improve sales because it allows your brand to speak to your customer before the product does. By using a custom box for packaging it helps customers to notice your product amongst the others on the shelves. This blog will help highlight why custom packaging is effective, and why your brand should opt for it!


custom box for packaging

custom box for packaging

We spotted this Milo packaging at a supermarket in Singapore. And what caught our attention is the fact that this box packaging can be repurposed and be turned into a toy!


Why is Milo’s custom packaging effective?

In this particular campaign, it is clear that Milo’s custom packaging is targeted towards parents with young children. This actually represents an interesting demographic because children have great influence over their parent’s buying decisions through pester power.

The promotional product packaging is a makeshift milo truck that kids would love to play with. Through the use of their pester power, kids may convince their parents that they want to drink more Milo in order to get to play with the milo truck packaging.

Kids are also able to personalise the brand packaging by writing their name on the truck, this will help create a sense of exclusivity and persona connection with the brand. Having a custom brand packaging like this is a great way to increase sales and customer brand recall.

custom box for packaging

custom box for packaging

Even without pester power, the custom box for packaging is also a great way to entice parents to buy the product as they will think that their kids will make use of the packaging. In addition, since it has 2 cartons of Milo inside, customers will get more for the price of one, as opposed to the usual 1 carton.

custom box for packaging

custom box for packaging


Our Takeaways

Nowadays, it is getting more competitive FMCG industry. Businesses have to look for unique ways to help differentiate themselves from other brands. By utilizing a custom box for packaging, you will sure to be able to create some buzz between children and their parent groups! To sum up, this unique packaging is a smart move by Milo to entice shoppers to purchase their products and boost their sales. Consider using a custom box of packaging for your brand today!


How can ODM help?

Thinking of advertising your brand through promotional packaging? Here at ODM, we have significant experience in product design, sourcing, and manufacturing. We can help you utilise your marketing budget in an effective manner. Be sure to check out our ever-expanding gift with purchase blogs in order to find some more similar case studies.


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How Did A Custom Box for Packaging Help Rocket Milo Sales?

A Custom packaging is a great way to improve sales [...]

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