How Nestle Rockets Sales using a Promotional Coffee Mug?

Nestle Singapore are constantly coming up with new ideas for their promotional campaigns that will attract consumers. They are currently offering a gift with purchase of a promotional coffee mug with a minimum spend of $48 on their products.

Gift with purchases are a great way to improve your business because who does not like getting something free? However, this is not a well-kept secret as shelves are often filled with GWP promotions everywhere. But alas, Nestle is able to stand out with this particular promotion. This blog will highlight why this GWP is effective, and why your brand should learn from them.

Promotional Coffee Mug

Promotional Coffee Mug

Why is Nestle’s GWP effective?

In particular, Nestle’s recent promotion is effective because of its versatility. The GWP, coffee mug is a great complimentary item to Nestle’s products, in particular their powdered drinks such as Milo and Coffee Mate. It is also the perfect promotional product for adults working from home or integrating back into office life. It is perfect for both on the go and for home use due to its portability and ability to keep drinks hot. As the gift goes well with hot beverage, customers are encouraged to use them every day.

The promotional coffee mug is also from the brand Endo, additional features include the mug being stainless steel and anti-bacterial. The quality of the promotional coffee mug would help encourage sales of the product because it also adds more value for money. In addition, by having a minimum spend, it also encourages customers to purchase more Nestle products in order to recieve the GWP mug.

Promotional Coffee Mug

Promotional Coffee Mug

How can ODM help?

Thinking of advertising your brand through a promotional coffee mug? Here at ODM, we have significant experience in product design, sourcing, and manufacturing. We can help you utilise your marketing budget in an effective manner. Be sure to check out our ever-expanding gift with purchase blogs in order to find some more similar case studies.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

How can I stand out from the other brands in the market?

Due to the emergence of new brands on a wide scale, one surefire way to stand out is to make sure that your promotional gifts are durable, innovative, and creative. Make sure to include your brand name or logo.

What are some types of promotional gift that would work best for my brand?

Depending on the industry you are in, there are a wide number of options for you to choose from with consideration to your budgets, client and target audience.

What is a gift with purchase?

The gift-with-purchase is a type of sales tactic that's used to entice and convert buyers

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