Collectible Gifts: Darlie My Melody Bowl Gift with Purchase

Collectible Gifts

Collectible gifts as a gift with purchase is a very effective marketing strategy. This is because it appeals to a customer’s personal interest and passion, leading to an increase in purchases. Recently, we chanced upon this Darlie On-pack Promotion in a Singaporean supermarket. Simply purchase a pack of 3 Darlie toothpaste to receive a collectible Sanrio My Melody Bowl. It comes in 4 different designs and customers can choose the design they wish to collect on the shelves.

Collectible Gifts

Reasons why this Sanrio My Melody Bowl is good for Darlie’s promotion

1. Hard to Resist

For avid collectors of collectible gifts, especially Sanrio fans, this bowl is hard to resist. With 4 different designs that are simply adorable and difficult to miss, many would be unable to resist the urge to buy and collect. Being cute, functional, and limited edition makes the gift very attractive and enticing which leads to an increase in impulse buys.

2. Finer Brand Remembrance

Bowls are often used in the kitchen for preparing food and during dinner. This adorably designed household promotional gift will definitely be in demand and used every day. Meals are tastier when they are put in a tastier looking bowl right? This provides Darlie and Sanrio free advertising for long periods of time, especially with a bowl made from a durable and high-quality material. Hence, this upholds the company’s brand reputation.

3. Attract New Clients

For fans of Sanrio and My Melody, this is a perfect opportunity to grasp for a collectible item. Hence, this promotion could potentially lead to customers trying out Darlie’s products to receive the gift. Moreover, who does not like a free gift? This is perfect to reel in customers of all ages who love a cute yet practical gift.

4. Popularity of My Melody

Like the jump for queue in Hello Kitty’s Collectible Promotions in Hong Kong, Sanrio’s characters are extremely popular. Darlie taps on the customer base of avid Sanrio fans which increases purchases, and ultimately, boosts sales.

Collectible Gifts


These are just some of the many reasons why this My Melody Bowl collectible gift is an excellent promotional gift. Additionally, there are many other licensed characters that companies can use for their promotional items. However, it is important to think about which licensed characters best suit a company’s target audience group. Doing so will ensure that customers will use your promotional gifts. Darlie has been using licensed characters for many of their promotional gifts too.

Collectible Gifts

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