Nestle launches another promo gift to their avid customers. Consumers get a gift with purchase bowl every time they buy their favourite Koko Krunch Cereal. The bowl comes as an on-pack offer that will surely make kids happy.

Nestle Ice Age Bowl

Gift With Purchase Bowl

This bowl serves as a great personalised promotional marketing gift item for KoKo Krunch cereal. Nestle has done a great job of printing the popular Ice Age licensed character to the bowls. Certainly, this attracts the children and kids at heart with its charm and cuteness that swoon a lot of consumers. Thus, they make the purchase. Nestle has also branded its logo on the custom bowl which provides subtle advertising every time the bowl is in use.

3 Marketing Benefits That Brands Get From The Gift with Purchase Bowl

  • Brand Recollection – It is hard for little kids to remember the exact name of a brand; that’s why even their folks use descriptive words to ask them which products they like. Since the cartoon character is printed on the bowl, they associate the character with their favourite brand.
  • Strengthen Customer Relationship – When customers love the marketing giveaway, this leaves a good impression on the brand. Therefore, the next time consumers see your brand, they’ll prioritise it over the others.
  • Improve Sales – Because of the branded gift with purchase, customers consider buying Nestle’s products first over the competition. People love receiving free items that come with their regular purchase.

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The intricate design of the bowl emits a high – quality aura from the brand

This is a great promotional idea because customers buy more cereals to receive the bowl and get rewarded with this promotional item.

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