Promotional gifts are incentives for customers to buy your product. Something about free gifts gets customers excited and they are more willing to make the effort and purchase from you. Giving away promotional gifts can also allow yourself to gain a competitive advantage against your competitors, which is extremely crucial, especially in a saturated market/industry. Below is an example by the brand Blue Ribbon.

Buy a Blue Ribbon’s ice cream tub for kids and receive a branded gift with purchase bowl! This promotion is offered in Australia at all participating Safeway and Woolworth stores. There are over 60,000 units of branded ice cream bowls being offered as a GWP promo product to consumers. Each unit is at a value of RRP AU$4.95.

Streets Blue Ribbon Ice Cream Bowl promotion

This is a great GWP product to offer with ice cream. Consumers buying the ice cream tub can immediately use the bowl when they go home and start enjoying their delicious ice cream. You may be able to attract new customers and gain customer loyalty due to the free custom promotional gift.

Bowls (like the one in the picture above) are very easy to customize – you can design it in any colour, branding, size, etc. There is also a lot of room for branding on the outside of the bowl, which will help in increasing brand awareness. Consumers who are using the bowl will also be constantly reminded of your brand. Furthermore, ice cream promotions are great if they can be co-branded with an animated movie or with some other toy that is appealing to children.


How can ODM help you?

Keen on creating your very own promotional gift and boost your brand awareness and visibility? Feel free to contact ODM today! Our specialists will help you with every step of customising your promotional item. The experienced product designers will provide you with multiple unique and innovative ideas to wow your audience.


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Besides custom promotional bowls for consumers to pair with their ice-cream, it is also a great idea to giveaway promotional cooler bags as well. These bags will keep the ice cream cold for a longer period of time and prevent the ice-cream from melting extremely fast. Check out why a custom promotional cooler bag is a great idea!


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Children love watching their favourite movies while munching on delicious cereals. Cereal companies can make use of new movies to attract their customers. Simple promotional gifts such as figurines or keychains of the characters in the movie to capture the attention of young ones. Click here to see how Nestle does it!


Kellogg’s is offering LINE friends cereal containers for every purchase of their Kellogg’s Frosties. This gift with purchase merchandise promotion is effective in promoting both the LINE messaging app as well as Kellogg’s to those who haven’t tried their cereals. Such brand collaboration is very powerful and impactful because loyal customers from both brands will be interested. Not only so, but the creativity level also rises, thus higher chance of creating something unique and interesting.