Fibe Mini's GWP Promotion

Silicon Mug Covers make great Gifts with Purchase – protecting and insulating your customers’ drink.

We bought a box of Fibe Mini and it comes along with this really nice silicon mug cover on-pack which we could not bear to part with, given its utility and design. The cover is provided to contain the fizz of the beverage thereby protecting nearby surfaces.

The shape of the cover is made to fit nicely and we love how it creates a suction which sticks onto the mug tightly for maximized insulation.

The advertising value behind this promotional product is immense. Utility aside, the lid (strawberry in this case) which is a separate entity, could custom made in any form mascotfigurine, etc.. to best represent your brand and what you are selling.

The lid could be available in a range as well, creating a collection. Fibe Mini did just that – having a variety of fruit and vegetable collectibles, in which the brand used in comparison of its nutrients equivalence.

For finishing touches, imprint your logo and use your brand’s signature colours for optimized market presence; gaining shelf space in the process.

Suggestion: With its size and flexibility, silicon covers could work really well as cover mounts for the publishing industry.

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