Want to whip up a dish that has sugar, spice and everything nice? Knorr has just the right product for you! Introducing their new seasoning pack that includes a complimentary promotional gift: sunflower oil. Now, in the lively city of Ho Chi Minh, cooking will never be dull again.

This Season's Complimentary Promotional Gift By Knorr

This Season’s Complimentary Promotional Gift By Knorr

As seen, these promotional gift ideas are certainly a great way to make your products stand out against strong competition in the local supermarket. This helps to increase profitability and enhance brand performance. Moreover,  by offering a promotional product that has high functionality will surely be of great value to customers. Below we will share how these gifts further strengthen brand image.


How Complimentary Promotional Gift Stands Out From The Rest

  • Customer Loyalty – When the brand constantly come up with promotional gift offers, it builds a loyal customer base who will purchase their products. Word of mouth will also spread positive reviews which in turn generate more revenue.
  • Added-Value – By offering a complimentary gift with purchase, it is a 2-in-1 purchase. With higher perceived value of product, it will boost sales as it is seen as a good deal that is worth the money. This will also, in turn, encourage repeat purchases.
  • Higher Brand Visibility – A marketing gift allows brands to be more noticeable on retail shelves. As brand awareness improves, it invites potential consumers to patronize more products under the same brand. Hence, it improves sales at a remarkable rate.
  • A Necessity – Cooking oil is an essential product in every household. By extending its reach to mainly family-oriented households who cook on a regular basis, it is very much a practical item that has high utility value. It is certainly a viable and great way to entice these consumers in order to gain traction in sales. Totally a win-win situation for both consumers and sellers!

A complimentary promotional gift will surely increase customer satisfaction and maximize brand remembrance. So what are you waiting for? Contact ODM now if you need help in manufacturing high-quality products for your next marketing campaign!


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