Welcoming tourists to the land of Vietnam is a custom in-store display that has varying heights to showcase the different brands of alcohol! Moreover, with every purchase, a complimentary gift bag is offered. This is certainly a great way to entice people who are waiting for their flight. Due to the wide selection of alcohol, this marketing tactic will certainly catch the wandering eyes of consumers.

Complimentary Gift Bag As A Marketing Strategy To Lure Sales

Complimentary Gift Bag As A Marketing Strategy To Lure Sales

Moreover, consumers have a tendency to view brands on an in-store display with a higher value. Look at that bag on display! Being able to touch and feel the quality of the bag will positively influence buyer’s decision.

Complimentary Gift Bag As A Marketing Strategy To Lure Sales

Complimentary Gift Bag As A Marketing Strategy To Lure Sales

How Will An In-Store Display and Complimentary Gift Bag Benefit Your Brand?

  • Increased in Visibility – A customized in-store display can attract the attention of customers at first glance. Moreover, with the tag indicated, ‘FREE BAG’, it will likely draw in more crowd to patronize the brands. It is surely a smart way to improve brand visibility
  • Repeat Purchases – By having such promotional offers, it will encourage more customers to make a purchase as products are perceived with higher value. This 2-in-1 offer is certainly a great tactic to not only increase sales, but also boost brand image as brands have the ability to satisfy customer’s needs.
  • Brand Retention – Retention proves to be key to sustainable business growth . Such complimentary gift with purchase can also promote brand loyalty as customers have a good impression of the company. Hence, brands can maximize profits and boost brand awareness while minimizing costs.

Overall, in-store marketing promotion are important to businesses who want to succeed in the market. At ODM, we have great experience at coming up with creative promotional products, brand design packaging and manufacturing good quality products! Send us an inquiry today!

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