A very unique marketing strategy launched by Lancôme to boost their sales online through Dillard’s. Simply purchase $35 worth of Lancôme products and you can build your very own seven-piece gift set valued at up to $135. A very worth it gift set marketing strategy, which would definitely be able to attract more sales. So what are you waiting for, hurry on grab this uniquely yours gift set before it runs out of stock!

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Take a look at the items offered for consumers to Mix ‘n’ Match what they want in their gift set!


Playful Mix ‘n’ Match Gift Set- Lancôme Marketing Strategy

Playful Mix ‘n’ Match Gift Set- Lancôme Marketing Strategy

How would such unique marketing strategy help boost sales?

By allowing consumers to choose their own gift set items, the company is actually including their consumer into such promotions. This would allow consumers to feel that the company places them in consideration and they would be very happy. Thus, would be willing to take part in such marketing strategy.

Furthermore, such playful mix ‘n’ match marketing strategy could allow consumers to choose the gifts they like in their gift set. This way, they would be able to receive items that they want and/or need instead of receiving items that may be redundant and they would simply chuck it one side.


Lancôme can also brand their company logo onto the gift set pouch to increase brand awareness. When consumers carry these pouches around wherever they go, they would be reminded of your company brand name. In the long run, brand loyalty may be created. These pouches could also act as free walking advertisement for your company as well. Consider getting your very own branded pouches for your promotion in the future to boost sales! Marketing strategy is important in attracting people to purchase your products. Gift set items can include other promotional items instead of make up accessories, and branding on the items could help boost sales and brand awareness even further.