During the convention, free folders were given away to all visitors. ODM likes this giveaway idea as it is a brilliant advertising and marketing product. Read on to find our more about this folder giveaway!

Folder giveaway - exterior

Folder giveaway – exterior

MaxiGreen is an EU Interreg programme that addresses common issues affecting Europe’s green spaces and heritage areas. This program brings organizations together to work on issues like poor accessibility, industrialized landscape and degraded landscape.  These areas are results of industrial or urban decline that leads to disused and abandoned sites. As such MaxiGreen hopes to transform these affected areas into a multi-historical green infrastructure that is known as a Green Heritage.

MaxiGreen hosted a convention in Marck (France) for one of its many project – “La Fermedes Aigrettes”. The focus of this project is to transform disused farms on the outskirts of Marck in France into a Green heritage. Throughout the site’s redevelopment, this project aims to retain Marck’s rich local history and heritage. Besides that, new attractions like a terrage area and wildlife observatory will also be constructed to increase the number of visitors.

Why is this folder a splendid giveaway?

Folder giveaway - Interior

Folder giveaway – Interior

High utility value

First and foremost, this folder consists of a note pad, memo pad, pen and colorful post-its. It is a very practical promotional product that allows visitors to take down important notes during the convention. And more often than not, people feel happy to receive gifts that are free and useful.

A sleek design

This promotional giveaway has been cleverly designed. It has a handle that makes it very portable and convenient to carry around. Besides that, it has features like a pen holder and an inner pocket. Not to mention its button locks that prevents paper from falling out of the folder.


This folder giveaway is made of recyclable materials that improve MaxiGreen’s corporate image. With MaxiGreen being involved in the Green Heritage program, a recyclable giveaway tells us more about their green efforts. As such, visitors will view MaxiGreen in a better light and be more receptive to their eco-friendly projects.


The exterior of the folder is branded with the logo of the organizer as well as the co-organizers. The project “La Fermedes Aigrettes” is also printed on the folder. These imprints are highly visible and attractive. It helps to improves brand recognition and brand recall. When visitors carry the folder around, the imprinted logos can create brand awareness among the public. It acts as a free walking advertisement that captivates interest and curiosity. And whenever visitors use this folder, they will be reminded of this project long after they have received it.

So what are you waiting for? Hurry up and get started with your own free giveaway today!