This in-Store Marketing Promotion Poster is very clear showing the different tiers of awards you can earn as you spend more money.  The Gift With Purchase (GWP) campaign is timed for the run-up to Christmas Peak business time.  Instead of offering price reductions or sales, In-Store Marketing Promotions can draw in serious crowds in this all-important season.

In Store Marketing Promotion Poster

In Store Marketing Promotion Poster

The first tier gift is a plush toy and you need to spend HK$1000 or around US$ 130 to get this.   This plush is in the distinctive navy and pink of the brand.   If you are a major fan of the brand then this is a great collector’s item.

Spend HK$2000 and you get both a teddy bear and a pair of sunglasses. I am not sure why the brand has selected sunglasses for a winter promotion, but these are certainly close to being a year-round fashion accessory in Hong Kong.

When you hit the top tier you can get to choose from the first 2 prizes and a much higher perceived value gift, the Jack Wills branded watch with 2 tone strap.  This gift is the one we feel will be most popular with customers, so there is a clear push to drive the sales basket to higher levels.

In-Store Marketing Promotion – Window Display is Critical

In Store Marketing Promotion Window Display

In Store Marketing Promotion Window Display

Jack Wills has given prime space in their window to this promotion.  They are using a simple poster that clearly conveys the message and are backing this up with the merchandise being displayed for all to see.   The merchandise is displayed on top of colourful gift boxes leaving the mind wonder about what clothing they might buy and use to claim these gifts.

Which gifts do you like most in this range?

Are there other promotional products that the brand could have chosen?

Bring Jack Wills Home for CHRISTMAS!

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Can this be used for outdoor promotions too?

Yes, it can. As long as you accompany it with a great display stand. And like Estee lauder did, use relevant promotional gifts for the 3 tiers.

How does this benefit my brand?

The prize method will inspire customers to buy more than they initially planned to just to meet the mark and qualify for a prize. This, in turn, means increased sales for your brand and even increases brand awareness.

Why window display?

The window is the first thing people from outside of the store will see when they walk past. A great window display will attract people not only to view your merchandise but also to make purchases. Even if they don't buy it on the spot, they are bound to remember your brand.