Giving away free items that you pay to produce might sound absurd, but why are companies doing it? There’s something about Free Promotional Gifts that gets most customers excited. This can be seen as an extra incentive for consumers when they purchase your products. Daily necessities such as kitchenware or bags will remind others of your brand when using it.

Here is an example of a display by the brand Jack Daniel’s featuring its customer incentive, which is a travel bag.


Below are the benefits of giving out Free Promotional Gifts.


Free Promotional Gifts will allow your brand to stand out among competing brands on the same shelf. It will be able to capture your consumers’ attention, causing them to gravitate towards your counter / products. Not only this can target a more specific target audience, this is also a great way of using smart details to increase brand awareness.

Below shows a picture of Babich Wines giving away a bracelet with every bottle of wine sold. This is more likely to attract consumers as they glance across the shelves, giving your brand a competitive advantage. Furthermore, giving away bracelets allows them to target a larger female audience.

Free Promotional Gifts 2

Free Promotional Gifts 2 – can be seen that the bracelets are attracting more attention than other bottles on the shelves.


Free Promotional Gifts 3

Free Promotional Gifts 3


Stimulate Sales:

Freebies will entice first time purchases, repurchases, as well as impulse purchases. Consumers often are more willing to go through the trouble of buying a product to get a Free Promotional Gift. The sales of most retailers often surge during promotional periods – and that includes giving out Free Promotional Gifts.

Generates Buzz:

A good Free Promotional Gift can bring you high human traffic and create interests in your business. You can also make use of social media websites to market and spread the word about your business. Such as posting an Instagram post to get a free pouch. Customers are also more willing to give something in return when they are given freebies. That is why it is common for brands to ask consumers to fill out a brief survey or poll. Through surveys, you can get potential consumers’ contact information (email and/or phone number). This allows you to send marketing messages to them, in attempt to convert them from a free gift recipient to a customer.


Printing your logo or branding on Free Promotional Gifts will allow these recipients to remember your brand while using them. It can also be used as free advertisements when they carry these free gifts around (such as logo printed on a custom promotional bag). It is crucial to make the Free Promotional Gifts useful as recipients will then use it often. Consumers will see your brand often as they use your free gift more. This means that your Free Promotional Gifts is doing its job, while prompting more sales.

Highly Customisable:

Free Promotional Gifts can come in any shape or form, colour or materials. Some common Free Promotional Gifts you might come across is a free lunchbox when you purchase cereals, or a ‘buy one get one free’ promotion.

One good example is Kellogg’s free cereal containers for every purchase of a box of cereals. The cereal brand teamed up with LINE in this campaign, that is why the containers are in the shape of two LINE characters: Sally and Brown.

You can also find it in free bulk samples for events. There are no restrictions when making Free Promotional Gifts – from pens to luggages and anything in between! It is highly customisable, therefore you can take this chance to allow your brand to grab the attention of potential buyers.


Thinking of customising your own Free Promotional Gifts? Contact ODM today for any enquiries. We will be able to assist you every step of the process, from designing to manufacturing. Giving you a pleasant and comfortable process in making your very own Free Promotional Gifts!

Free Promotional Gifts 4

Free Promotional Gifts 4

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