Miffy Custom Bowl with Darlie Toothpaste

Darlie has a new Gift with Purchase campaign. Customers get a Miffy Custom bowl with the purchase of one tube of tooth paste. Miffy is a female rabbit from a series of picture books drawn and written by Dutch artist Dick Bruna. The original name, Nijntje, is a shorter version of the diminutive Konijntje, meaning Little Rabbit.

Miffy Custom Bowl with Darlie Toothpaste

Miffy Custom Bowl with Darlie Toothpaste

The combination of a bowl and toothpaste might be a bit odd, but it’s a great way to attract more customers. In China, Miffy is quite popular, and toothpaste is a daily necessity. When customers are in the store to buy a new tube of toothpaste and have difficulty choosing, this Miffy Custom bowl will definitely pop out more than other brands without a Gift with Purchase. The bowl has a nice design and is very versatile, and because it is made of ceramic, the Miffy Custom bowl will surely last a long time!

Why do we like this Miffy Custom Bowl?

  • Unique but effective: As said above, the combination of these two items is one-of-a-kind. However, the bowl looks very sturdy, and can be used for anything. Because the toothpaste is not that expensive, people might be interested to buy multiple tubes to collect more bowls.
  • Pester Power: Ofcourse, when children see this Miffy Custom bowl advertised in stores, they will ask their parents to buy this for them. Because the item is paired with a product that is beneficial for the child, the parents might be easily convinced to purchase this.
  • Customer Loyalty: One of the best ways of attracting the customers attention is to give them free items. By offering a free Gift with Purchase like this ceramic Miffy Custom bowl, customers will feel like they are really getting value for their money. This might just seal the deal for future purchases.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a gift with purchase?

A Gift With Purchase (GWP) is a great tool for driving customers back into your store, engaging those customers, and creating higher and more sales. They’re also great for your customer, because she gets more wonderful products for her money.

What are the benefits of using promotional items?

Businesses need promotional items to help reach out to potential customers and clients - it's just a fact. This is a very low-cost marketing method to help draw in new customers. You can find affordable and effective items that will catch people's attention and help draw in potential customers over time.

What is a perfect gift for a GWP?

It depends on your industry but always keep in mind to offer something useful for your consumers. A gift that will make your consumers happy and allows you to create with them a deep relationship. You can choose to offer a complimentary gift. For example, if you sell beer, you can offer a branded beer glass!

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