We spotted these special offer gwp bags by Macallan and Remy Martin XO at Vietnam Duty Free. Their current campaign shows how important it is to use high quality promotional products to standout at airports. As we all know, there are a lot of luxury products being sold at Duty Free shops. There are a lot of high-end products that compete for customer attention. Thus, they are gifting their customers with branded bags and luggage as free gifts.

Special Offer GWP

Special Offer GWP

Remy Martin is offering a “buy 2 get 10% off” promo. Shoppers will get a free trolley bag with purchase of US$300 and free bag with purchase of US$140. This is a great incentive for shoppers because the bags are of high quality and perfect for travels. The sleek design is its selling point. The charcoal black and grey combination looks neat and classy. There’s a tag sewn into the bag while a metallic branded plate is attached onto the luggage.

On the other hand, Macallan offers a gwp promo bag with purchase of US$130. The simple and modern design makes it a good present for special occasions.

Special Offer GWP

Special Offer GWP

Bags are extremely versatile and flexible. They can be made simple or bespoke or smart. Perfect for work and travel, the bags allow Macallan and Remy Martin to reach more people.

Special Offer GWP

Special Offer GWP

We really love these bags by Remy Martin because the customers have two design choices. The simplicity of the design is what made these bags flexible. Most importantly, their gift with purchase will serve as a walking advertisement without additional costs.


Why This Special Offer GWP Works:

  • Rewards Customers – Receiving free gifts from the brand they support makes customers feel good. When customers are satisfied with their purchases, they willingly give back by buying from you the next time they go shopping.


  • Increase Sales – With GWP, customers need to purchase a certain amount to be able to get the free product. Most of the time, regardless of the price, customers purchase the products just to get the gift. For instance, shoppers may want a luggage instead of a handbag so they might be willing to pay a higher price just to obtain that product.



  • Practical Value – Bags are practical gifts that shoppers will surely love. Some shoppers may be needing a new luggage or backpack so offering these bags along with the drinks could save them a lot as they will be getting an extra item at no additional cost.


  • More Value for Money –  Remy Martin and Macallan are on the high-end spectrum. As they are a bit pricey, offering a special offer gwp bag means more value for money. And this is the reason behind the success of “Buy x Get x Free” marketing formula.


  • Brand EngagementCustom luggage bags, custom backpacks, and promotional travel bags will be used by customers on a regular basis. The lasting benefits of these products make them great promotional items. The more customers use them, the more the brand stay on top of their mind. Moreover, as they use these bags at work or during travels, they expose the brand to more people.

This is not the first time the two brands offered bags for their customers. Here are some examples:


Previous Campaigns:

In this promotion, Macallan offered a promotional travel bag as gift it purchase. The hand bag is made from leather and has sleek design. This suits their target market.


A free luggage is given away with purchase of Macallan Oscuro or Decanter. This was an excellent example of Duty Free marketing as customers can use the trolley for their next travel destination.


Remy Martin’s trolley gift matches with their drinks packaging design. But what makes this promotion tick? Check out the blog to know more!


Here’s another excellent giveaway bag from Remy Martin. This was spotted at Hong Kong Duty Free. We love how they used the brand colors associated with their brands. It stood out and easy to recognize.


Other Remarkable Aspect of These Promotions

Aside from the bags and their numerous benefits to customers and the brands offering them, we also noticed that their POS display units and packaging. Their travel retail display are neat and attention-grabbing. The branded FSDUs are well-lit and they made sure that the promotion is clear. The presentation is simple and did not look like overselling their products. As for the packaging, the designs are clearly well-thought out.

Special Offer GWP

Special Offer GWP


So if you are promoting drinks, do consider having a special offer gwp bag. They are practical, effective, and long lasting so shoppers will certainly keep them for a long time. If you need help customizing bags, don’t hesitate to speak with our team. The ODM Group specializes in designing, sourcing, and manufacturing promotional products for just about any industry. So contact us today!


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Bentley offered a free chrome-finished keyring with purchase of their cologne. It’s a great marketing gift in that it reflects the quality of their products.


These free bags by King Power in Thailand effectively promote brand recognition and sales. These bags serve as great advertising tools for the company.


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