When marketing your product, you want to be the one that catches peoples eye above all the competition. In a crowded shop with shelves full of products, it is so important to have attention grabbing products. This not only will encourage customers to buy your product there and then, but leave a lasting impression on them. This means they will remember your brand next time they go shopping.

attention grabbing product

Attention Grabbing Product

To understand how to market your product, you need to understand marketing psychology. The first step to gaining a customer is to grab their attention. So, we’ve looked into all the science, on order to help you do this.

How does attention work?

The most popular theory is that attention is a bit like a ‘spotlight’ – A person focuses their attention solely on one place/situation leaving everything else in the dark. When your attention is focused on something, you do not notice anything else in your immediate vicinity. So although we think we see a lot, we actually see very little, only where our attention is directed. Therefore, if you can get your customers attention on your products, they won’t be looking at te competitors! Check out this video here as an example:

Surprised? Here is another psychology research video about how your attention is directed, which will shock you!:

So as you can see in these videos, we are extremely limited in the amount of things we can attend to at once. This psychological research gives us a great insight into how the human mind works.

By understanding how people’s’ minds work, we know how to design our promotional product ideas so to create attention grabbing products. This will gather the largest audience and boost sales!

So the question is, how do we grab people’s attention?

Let’s go back to the science. There are two types of attention:

Endogenous – We deliberately direct our attention to somewhere else. For example, we see a display in the distance and we choose to attend to it…..

Exogenous – Our attention is automatically drawn somewhere else. For example, if we see a flashing light next to us we automatically look over to see what it is….

So in a nutshell, either we choose to direct our attention somewhere else, or it happens automatically. Through brain scans we can see that these two processes have different patterns of neural activity, showing they are two distinct processes.

If you are interested in more detail, here are the areas of the brain which are involved in changing attention:

Superior Colliculus – moving attention
Pulvinar – enhancing attention
Posterior Parietal Lobe – disengaging attention

How can we see this in attention grabbing products?

Here at ODM we have many attention grabbing products. Find out about the different ways in which products are designed to draw customers in!


Having a stand out colour scheme is essential for grabbing the attention of customers. In this POS display example, the combination of colour and design is great in targeting both endogenous and exogenous attention. The red and white colours being dark and light contrast each other and the design is intriguing to customers. This means it will stick in people’s minds!

Bright Lights:

LED lights stand out among everything in your visual field as they are so bright. Therefore, this targets exogenous attention as people will be automatically drawn to look at them. This example of an LED POS display shows clearly how to push forward ahead of all other brands as you are the one that the customer is seeing!

Flashing Lights:

Another great way of using lights to gain customers attention is to make them flash. Flashing lights are perhaps more effective as they activate exogenous attention faster. You must be careful when using flashing lights however, as if they are annoying or painful to look at, people will direct their attention elsewhere. These promo gift LED pulse bands take advantage of this as a great marketing gift.


Attention is not just limited to visual strategies! This custom counter display draws people in with the smell of the ingredients of their whisky. Having a multi-sensory POS display will make your brand memorable as the smell will make you stand out from everything else.

Design appeal:

Aesthetics are of course important when designing a display or a promotional gift. Design is so important because it grabs both types of attention! A striking innovative design will target exogenous attention first as people will be automatically drawn to it. People will then be interested about the promotion, using their endogenous attention to inspect it. This display here really highlights how an eye catching design targets attention and boosts sales!


Sound is a sure fire way to attract exogenous attention. If you hear a noise, you automatically want to know where it comes from. Moreover, similar to smell, this is a multi-sensory experience which is more interesting for the customer.


Attention is immediately drawn to things that people have not seen before. This is because they will be interested to see what it is or what it can do. Here is the example of a gift with purchase which stormed ahead of the competition. People will draw their attention to this when shopping and be more inclined to buy the product.


People are drawn in by things that are confusing or that they cannot work out. This kaleidoscope is very intriguing to customers if they see things in a different way. Therefore, having this display will target endogenous attention as people will be keen to go over and look at the display. Another idea could be an illusion display!

How can ODM help you?

Not only do we have tons of experience in creating a wide variety of promotional products, we understand the science of how to grab the attention of the customers you want to sell to. Send us an enquiry today to chat to our sales team and we can start on making something that will work for you.