Thinking of finding a new way to advertise? Light displays with an optical twist such as 3D illusions and LED lighting are popular for attracting attention because of the sheer fascination into how it actually works.

These customisable 3D illusion lights could therefore be a new way for attracting brand attention by using them for in-store displays, for use on-premise, at events to show off and brighten up your stand or even to be given as give away gifts.

Increase Brand Attention with these Custom 3D Illusion Lights

Increase Brand Attention with these Custom 3D Illusion Lights

Take Darth Vader as an example, these 3D illusion lights would make the perfect idea to promote Star Wars, to give as gifts to give to Star Wars fans and children to place at home as night lights for example. If expecting the new release of a film, they could make great ideas for movie marketing and custom merchandise.

Increase Brand Attention with these Custom 3D Illusion Lights

Increase Brand Attention with these Custom 3D Illusion Lights

When looking face on, these illusion lights look three dimensional, however the design is actually based on a two dimensional flat acrylic sheet. This acrylic sheet can be custom shaped as seen by some more cool examples above: Heart, a vase, cars, Apple, skull, and even The Joker. All of these designs can be used by different brands to market.

Why should your brand use custom 3D illusion lights to market?

  • Energy efficient: LED lighting opposed to neon lighting saves energy, and in the long run will be more efficient, long lasting and more friendly to the environment.
  • Design: The LED colour and shape of these 3D illusion lights is completely up to you leaving no limit. These lights can offer so much branding potential because of this freedom of design factor and will allow you to make a greater impact in the market.
  • Brand awareness: LED lighting is the first thing we see when walking into a shop because of its brightness. With a LED optical illusion your brand will easily attract attention, and this will help increase brand recall and retention due to the value and interest these lights have.

ODM has experience in helping to design and manufacture numerous LED lights and displays. If interested in 3D illusion lights we can help, and for more information feel free to contact us and this promo product quote ODM-1205 to a member of our team.

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Can I customise the 3D illusion light to suit my brand?

Yes you can. The uniqueness of these lights is that you can make it tell whatever story that you would like. You control the narrative and determine the perception. Here at ODM, we specialise at making your promotional dreams come true.

How does a 3D illusion light work?

3D illusion lights are in some ways similar to the regular LED lighting. It usually has a line or a grid of LEDs that is whirled around it. The flickering of various LEDs is carefully synchronized with the whirling so that at each point where an illusion of an object is needed, the LED at that point will very briefly be on.

What other ways can i include these 3D illusion lights into my brand?

The possibilities are endless. Apart from using it as a promotional gift as mentioned in the post, you could use it for your signage or displays. You can include it in the packaging of some of your promotions. There are so many options.