We spotted this unique shelf advertising idea from Julie’s in Kathmandu, Nepal. They designed an LED shelf display to stand out from competitors and attract customers. Those shelf displays offer invaluable marketing benefits. Let’s see how this type of point of sale display have helped Julie’s draw in more buyers.

LED Shelf Display

LED Shelf Display


LED Shelf Display – How Effective as a Marketing Tool?

Companies are always looking for the perfect marketing tool that will increase sales as well as brand awareness. They have to think “out of the box” to create something phenomenal. The LED shelf display will generate exactly these results.

This LED promotional display has proven to be not just highly effective in conveying intended messages but is also more affordable than other marketing tools in the longer term. As you can see in the picture, this POS display will attract all consumers’ eyes because it’s visually appealing.

Lighting is an effective way to attract potential consumers. As a result, an LED shelf display will allow your brand to stand out from competitors. This, in turn, will increase a customer’s brand awareness. In our example, we can see that the brand also added its slogan. As a result, customers will see the message and will remember it.

The location of the promotion is very important in retail stores; the shelf displays are positioned in the middle of a long row. So customers walking along the aisle will be hypnotized by the vibrant lights. And last but not least, those shelf displays are easy to install and very flexible. 

LED Shelf Display

LED Shelf Display

How to create an effective LED shelf display?

  1. LED shelf displays can come in all kinds of sizes, resolutions, colors, and styles. It’s very important to determine the goals you want to achieve with this promotion. Do you want to promote multiple products? Or just one? You have to set proper goals in order to create the marketing LED display for your campaign. Moreover, the most important is to allocate enough marketing budget for your shelf display.
  2. Once you’ve set your goals, you have to determine the size of your display. You can choose between a thin one to put on the beams or a larger one to serve as a backdrop of your promotions.
  3. Then, make sure to use high screen resolution to make your message pop.
  4. Now, you have to think about the your content: from running images to video to something constant without animations, the choice is rather wide.
  5. Finally, put the emphasis on catchy colors. The easier technique is to use your brand colors as consumers will immediately recognize your brand and products.

To summarize, LED shelf displays have numerous advantages and can create incredible results for your brand. Moreover, they are very flexible, easy to install and cost-effective in the longer term in comparison to conventional merchandising retail displays.

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