We spotted in a Chinese supermarket, a Tide laundry powder shop display stand placed conveniently at the end of an aisle to drive sales. We love how simple and effective this custom shop display stand is with its clear graphics to inform customers about the benefits of this product.

Tide Laundry Powder

Tide Laundry Powder on a display stand.

5 Reasons this shop display stand is effective for your brand?

Commands Attention

Shop display stand

The orange graphics makes this display stand out in the supermarket.

  • This bright orange custom POS display attracts the attention of nearby shoppers and prompts them to view the display. Like the product itself, Orange commands attention because it is a bright and energetic color. Orange is used with traffic cones, life jackets and constructions signs which is why this Tide display unit is eye-catching. This display is tidy and well stocked too!
  • Professionally-designed graphics educate the customers on the benefits of using Tide. In addition, the QR code makes it easy for customers to learn more about the brand. When scanned with their smartphones, it redirects customers to their website. This shop display highlights a featured product of Tide. As a result, it catches the eye of shoppers.
  • You can also use this opportunity for brand activation campaign because using a POS Display to promote gift with purchase can draw people to current promotions.
  • Promptly placed at the end of the laundry section, this makes it more convenient for shoppers to go and grab their products.

Low cost

  • Made of mainly cardboard, this material is a low cost and durable POS display options for shops. It also acts as a silent salesperson because it is able to sell the features of the product without the presence of a salesperson, thereby increasing brand awareness. They can be made to suit any marketing budget.


  • This display stand can be customized to your needs due to the fact it is made from cardboard. Therefore it can be custom made into different shapes and sizes. This also allows for marketing managers to to change the size of graphics and how many products one stand can hold.

Increases Revenue

  • Increased visibility at the end of shelf rows in this supermarket provides a competitive advantage in the laundry market because it affects the behavior of the buyer, in turn, influencing them to purchase the product. That is how you can capitalize on impulse purchases. This way Tide increases sales with this effective shop display stand.


In conclusion, Tide uses a low-cost free-standing shop display as a marketing solution to drive sales. So, are you ready to give your brand a boost? Now is the time to work with a trusted POS display manufacturer!

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