Chinese cleaning supply company Chao Neng recently advertised with a Branded Trolley as Gift with Purchase in China. If you spend 79,90 RMB on Chao Neng products in this Chinese supermarket you will get this Branded Trolley for free. Chao Neng is not the first company that often advertises with Branded Trolleys and bags as a Gift with Purchase. This promotional product is a great way to motivate costumers to prefer this brand instead of similar brands in the aisle.

Gift with Purchase - Free Branded Trolley by Chao Neng

Gift with Purchase – Free Branded Trolley by Chao Neng

The Branded Trolley can be obtained by purchasing at least 79,90rmb of cleaning products, such as dish soap and washing powder, as displayed behind the trolleys. The pantone of the Branded Trolley bags matches the green colour of the big bottles of laundry detergent. The bags have a flower design on them, and a big brand name on the flap.

  • Boost your sales. The constant brand exposure while your customers are shopping will generate a big increase on your sales. Trolley bags are very useful when shopping. No need to wear yourself out dragging along countless bags. As a result, people have high-perceived value of trolley bags as marketing gifts. As Branded Trolleys are handy promotional products that everyone would definitely get use out of, people feel that companies who give trolleys are generous with their Gifts with Purchase. This encourages customers to hold positive connotations towards your brand.
  • Practicality. This is not just any promotional product that customers will only use once or twice after the purchase. This is a promotional product that will be used for a long term and will generate brand awareness for a long time because of the branding on the flap and the matching colour.
  • Customer Retention: Consistently being exposed to your brand name is likely to have an impact on the customer when it comes to using your company in the future. Having a Branded Trolley bag will aid brand recollection when they are in need of something that your company offers.

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