Over and over again we see the same type of gift with purchase given out in the Duty Free stores. Trolley cases are among the most popular and boring promotional gifts alcoholic drink brands gives out. Yes, it indeed serves to be a good promotional item. But why not take it up a notch?

Gift with Purchase by Chabol, Rivages & Johnny Walker Promotional Trolley Case

Gift with Purchase by Chabol, Rivages & Johnny Walker Promotional Trolley Casepurcha

Chabot, Raviges and Johnny Walker are all providing the same promotional item. The three brands have been in the same industry for ages now. However, none of their trolley cases stands out from the other. Trolley cases allow you to lug around your baggage in a convenient manner. This way you do not have to bring additional luggage as you receive one for free the moment you purchase a bottle of Chabot, Raviges or Johnny Walker.

How can this gift with purchase benefit you?

Trolley cases are used by many, especially businessmen who travel for business purposes. This way with your company logo on the bag it would boost the brand awareness of your brand tremendously across the globe. Usually, this marketing gift serves on for one purpose. Which is to help you carry around your belongings around. Imagine if you could have free publicity just by giving away bags, good deal isn’t it?

With our own design available to create something eye catching and attention grabbing, we are certain that using this product as a marketing tool would generate sales and enhance your brand awareness internationally. With a unique and outstanding design you will be able to set yourself apart from all the other boring trolley cases out there and this way you are also able to promote your company in a vibrant and different manner.