When we travel we need to think of what we would like to bring along. If we are going to spend a couple of nights away from home, we would need to  take along some personal grooming products. Some people complain that the grooming products provided in hotels are cheap and unhygienic. Therefore, brands in the dentistry industry could provide foldable toothbrushes as a giveaway.

A foldable toothbrush is basically a toothbrush that can be folded. The head of the toothbrush can be kept into its body, preventing the head of the toothbrush from getting dirty. Foldable toothbrushes are an inexpensive  giveaway. This giveaway is also an opportunity to increase brand awareness.

We can see a picture of this giveaway in the image below:


Giveaway for travellers: Foldable Toothbrushes

Giveaway for travellers: Foldable Toothbrushes

How does this giveaway enable brands to increase their reputation and improve brand awareness?

A giveaway is an inexpensive product that companies offer their customers to add value to their brand and to develop relationships with their main customers. This could be achieved by offering promotional products or a giveaway for the purchase of a certain product. Focusing on the hygiene industry, when people travel around they need small products that are disposable and do not occupy too much space.

Foldable toothbrushes are a is a good example of such a giveaway.The product itself is inexpensive and is convenient to carry around. It is also very easy to print your logo on the product. . Colgate is already using such a giveaway to increase their reputation and improve brand awreness. Including a giveaway in your marketing strategy will cause your brand to be viewed positively. Customers would have a better impression of your brand.

Increasing your brand reputation is vital in a very competitive market. This would help you to gain competitive advantage over your main competitors. Introducing promotional products like corporate gifts or practical products like the foldable toothbrush will enable your brand to increase its value.