Are you looking for a great promotional idea to your next marketing campaign? Then you shall consider this eco-friendly foldable cardboard radio. The body of this promotional item is made out of cardboard, which makes it look unusual yet trendy. It is just great to relate your brand with green marketing.

Foldable cardboard radio

Foldable cardboard radio

This foldable cardboard radio will enable you to follow up any news you need to listen during the day as well as carry it around and listen to your favourite channel. The size and foldable function will enable you to keep the product in your pocket whenever you dont need.

Imagine how much branding space this product has and how it will grab so much attention since it is an uncommon product in the market.

How will this foldable cardboard radio contribute to increasing your brand awareness and creating a great brand image?

First of all, the fact that we are offering cardboard giveaways to our customers has a strong connotation towards green marketing as people will see us eco-friendly and at the same time we are offering a product that they might use every morning before going to school or work.

The cardboard is entirely customizable with any color you want and you can print your logo to represent your brand. If you are looking for a durable product, we should be looking at using a thicker cardboard material that will be really resistant and hard to rip off.

The fact that we are using this foldable cardboard radio as a giveaway entitles us to purchase cheap giveaways for our customers compared to the prices of the normal ones. To add, since the giveaway is foldable, people can also carry this around and listen to their favourite football matches for example!

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