Ever wondered how to charge your phone when traveling between different countries and continents? Not anymore! With these promotional travel adaptors, your problem will be solved! They are convenient and easy to carry around and a cost-effective premium giveaway item to offer to your customers.

Promotional Travel Adaptors

Promotional Travel Adaptors

Why they make great branded promotional products


One power adaptor – multiple solutions! These promotional travel adaptors are very easy and safe to use. Press the safety release button and simply pull the pin selector for the specific region and there you go!


A unique feature of the adaptor is its ability to clip on different modules. The Country Module is included with the standard version of the adaptor. With the additional module fitted one can use the adaptor with standard plug from Europe, US, UK, and Australia. Therefore you will not have to purchase multiple adaptors for different plugs.


Great Corporate Gifts

They make great premium corporate gifts to give to employees or clients. It is suitable to those who are always on a go and traveling overseas.

promotional travel adaptors

Promotional travel adaptors

How can these promotional travel adaptors help us raise brand awareness and customer perceptions?

People love to receive practical and useful items from corporate brands. When we giving away marketing gift like this one, we are increasing our exposure to customers, as well as offering an item that they will always find useful when they travel.

Brand it – we can apply a sticker logo on the product itself to be able to customize it with your brand´s logo. Sticker logos normally involve cheap setup fees and have short lead times.

One adaptor, four options for more than 150 countries. It’s an elegant, compact, and safe way to plug in your portable appliances worldwide. Suitable for all equipment without a ground pin.

The various pins can only be moved by pushing the Safety Release Button situated on the side. Unlike other travel adaptors in the market, only 1 pin can be pulled out at the time thus eliminating the risk of short circuits.

How ODM can help

If you are interested in a promotional travel adaptor or looking for other branded promotional products,
feel free to contact the ODM team. We specialise in promotional product design, product sourcing, sampling, manufacturing, and marketing. We have a team of designers and merchandisers that can help with coming up with a custom promotional merchandise for you.

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