Berocca is a brand for effervescent drinks and vitamin tablets that contain vitamins B and C. It gives us the daily dose of vitamins that keeps our body functioning at its optimal level. Berocca performance Eff is currently having an in-store promotion at all Singapore Guardian, Watsons, Unity, supermarkets and pharmacies. It is an exclusive offer that saves 20% on Berocca Performance Eff water soluble vitamin C. On top of that, customers would receive an exclusive set of Berocca Travel Adaptor with every purchase of this in-store promotion.

Berocca’s in-store promotion - travel adaptor

Berocca’s in-store promotion – travel adaptor

Benefits of this in-store Promotion

First of all, this travel adaptor is a very practical marketing product for an in-store promotion. It has a high utility value that is suitable for all travelling needs. By offering such a gift, Berocca will ensure that customers will use it for a very long time and this in turns maximizes the value of its cost. It is a product that customers will definitely appreciate and bring along when they are out travelling.

Berocca’s in-store promotion at Watsons Singapore

Berocca’s in-store promotion at Watsons Singapore

This travel adaptor comes in a small and compact casing that minimizes the space that it takes up in the luggage. The travel adaptor is also manufactured in their brand colour. This allows customers to easily link it back to Berocca and improve brand awareness!

Besides that, the casing also offers a branding surface where Berocca could imprint their brand name onto it. Branding is a vital component that shouldn’t be missed. Branding is the essence of all marketing product that provokes brand recall and increases brand recognition. For instance, this branded travel adaptor would definitely continue to advertise Berocca long after it has been received. As such by branding your marketing product, you are increasing the chances of customers making a repurchase of your product. And ultimately, this would definitely increase company sales.