OCBC is now offering a very stylish, classy-looking trolley bag as giveaway to their customers! Simply charge more than SGD$800 to the FRANK Credit Card within the first month and you are entitled to this exclusive FRANK trolley Bag. To add on, customers are able to get a 6% rebate when they book their holidays online. Do not miss out on such alluring deal offered by OCBC, and only limited to the first 1,000 new signups from 8 April to 30 June 2013!

Take a look at the stylish FRANK trolley bag giveaway offered by OCBC!

Travel With OCBC FRANK’s Stylish Trolley Bag Giveaway!

Travel With OCBC FRANK’s Stylish Trolley Bag Giveaway!

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Offering giveaways to help boost sales

People love receiving free gifts when they make purchases. OCBC FRANK Credit Card has taken this into consideration and is now offering a stylish trolley bag as promotional gift for their customers. This trolley bag is given out in conjunction when customers book their holidays online this holiday season. People would be more receptive to such gifts if they were able to make use of it along with their purchases.

To add on, these trolley bags are durable promotional gifts that everyone would love to receive. They have high-perceived value and are lasting. With this giveaway offered, many people would be attracted to grab this gift. Hence, this can help boost sales greatly.


Branding is vital in increasing brand awareness for your company and ultimately boosting sales. When consumers carry these trolley bags to travel, other people would be able to notice your company logo that is branded on them. It would be more prominent if consumers travel all around the world, which can help spread your brand name across the pacific. In the long run, brand loyalty and recall may even be built.

Remember to brand your promotional gifts before offering them to your consumers!