Principle Nutrition is a complete line of dietary supplements. It offers daily multivitamins and other health support needs. This US manufactured supplement is currently being sold worldwide at all pharmaceutical stores. In addition to its Jumbo Travel Healthy Pack offer, Principle Nutrition is also offering premium travel kits for this exclusive purchase. This in-store marketing was spotted at Watsons Singapore. It offers a discount on its Jumbo travel healthy Pack as well as a free premium travel kit. This exclusive travel kit of $40.00 worth of items is definitely a premium that shouldn’t be missed! Read on to find out more about this exclusive offer!

Principle Nutrition’s In-store marketing - premium travel kits

Principle Nutrition’s In-store marketing – premium travel kits

Principle Nutrition’s attractive in-store marketing!

This premium in-store marketing is fit for any frequent travellers. It has all you need to make your travelling experience an even more enjoyable one. This premium travel kit consists of a neck pillow, eye mask, earplugs, travelling pill box, luggage tag and effervescent. It is a great deal that is worth considering. By offering such a huge variety for travelling needs, customers would certainly be enticed to purchase this Jumbo Travel Healthy Pack. Besides that, it is a double offer that is hard to resists.

By offering such gifts, this supplement brand is definitely able to implement brand recall and brand recognition. Branding offers Principle Nutrition the opportunity to constantly put its brand name in front of its customers and remind them about this dietary supplement. It enhances familiarity and encourages repeated purchases. Imprinting logos and brand name onto these products would also help in advertising the brand. Imprinted with logos, these gifts will act as an advertising agent that continues to advertise even long after they have been received. Besides that, items like the neck pillow and eye mask can sometimes be shared between family and friends. As such branding these items will definitely expose Principle Nutrition to a greater pool of customers and prospects.