Principle Nutrition is a complete line of dietary supplements. It offers daily multivitamins and other health support needs. This US manufactured supplement is currently being sold worldwide at all pharmaceutical stores. This time round, Principle Nutrition is offering a buy 2 get 1 free promotion for its Natural E 400 IU Complex supplement. On top of this promotion, they are also giving away a free pill box. This exclusive on-pack promotion was spotted at Watsons Singapore. Read on to find out more about this double offer!

Principle Nutrition’s on-pack promotion - Pill box

Principle Nutrition’s on-pack promotion – Pill box

Why should you use a pill box on-pack promotion?

This pill box is a suitable gift for companies in any health and supplement industry. It is a great complement for products that comes in the form of a pill. In addition to that, this pill is light and compact! It allows customers to conveniently carry their necessary pills whenever they are on the go. So instead of bringing many pill bottles around, this on-pack promotion certainly serves as a perfect solution.

Principle Nutrition’s pill box also consists of little compartments that allow one to arrange their pills in an orderly manner. This reduces the tendency of consuming the wrong pill. As such, it allows customers to effectively organize the different kinds of medications or supplements.

By branding this on-pack promotion, this supplement brand is definitely able to implement brand recall and brand recognition. Branding offers Principle Nutrition the opportunity to constantly put its brand name in front of its customers and remind them about this dietary supplement. It enhances familiarity and encourages repeated purchases. Imprinting logos and brand name onto these products would also help in advertising the brand. A branded marketing product is an inexpensive way to promote your brand. So what are you waiting for? Hurry up and get your own pill box today!