Calvin Klein is currently offering a gift with purchase with their new Sheer Beauty fragrance. This gift with purchase can be found at Metro Woodlands. With a purchase of S$160 of Calvin Klein products, customers can receive a deluxe 3 piece travel kit which comes in an ombre blue pouch. Alternatively, by simply purchasing a 50ml Sheer Beauty Essence EDT, customer may receive a weekend tote bag. These gifts with purchase are valid while stocks last. Hurry down to Metro Woodlands now to get yours!

Calvin Klein is a fashion house founded in 1968 by American designer, Calvin Klein. The brand has since grown and is renowned worldwide. T hey offer a wide range of clothing for men and women, underwear as well as fragrances.

A Gift with Purchase by CK That Will Bring You Sheer Joy

A Gift with Purchase by CK That Will Bring You Sheer Joy

This is not the first time Calvin Klein is offering a gift with purchase. Check out some blogs related to their previous promotions:

Why did CK offer a gift with purchase?

Firstly, a gift with purchase helps to increase sales. When an added benefit can be received from buying a product, consumers would feel that it is a good deal and get it. Although the product may not be a need for the consumer at that point in time, because there is a promotion, the consumer would buy the product. This helps to increase sales. Also, when the gift with purchase is limited, it encourages repeat purchases as many would buy the product again to give their friends and relatives.

Secondly, offering a gift with purchase helps to improve customer loyalty. Customers who receive the gifts would feel valued by the company. This would leave a good impression of the brand in their minds. Hence, they are more likely to buy Calvin Klein products in the future as compared to other brands.

Thirdly, a gift with purchase acts as a form of advertisement. As the gift with purchase is branded with Calvin Klein’s brand, when consumers use the gift, it is advertisement for the brand. Others who see the gift would be enticed to buy Calvin Klein products.