Giving customers the opportunity for one free gift with purchase is enticing, however offering a variety of gifts makes it even more so. For Calvin Klein’s recent marketing campaign in Macau, they offered customers the choice between a promo tote bag and backpack, along with a purchase of accessories from their new collection.

promo tote bag calvin klein

Promo Tote Bag and Backpack – Calvin Klein GWP in Macau

Any one of the products bought from their new collection gives consumers the freedom to choose their promotional gift. Hence, it is certain that the availability of two freebies will increase the effectiveness of this campaign.

Moreover, although a tote bag and branded backpack are simple items, they are extremely practical for everyday use. This means the customer can get a good use out of them and they are better value for money.

Benefits of the Promo Tote Bag and Backpack

  • Brand awareness: Calvin Klein have branded these complimentary gifts with a simple logo. Therefore, this will help heighten brand awareness whenever exposed to others when the bag is being used.
  • High quality gift: The materials used are top quality, meaning that it will last longer and customers will value the product even more.
  • Eye-catching: The brand has also stayed true to their black-grey-and-white color scheme. A lot of customers will instantly connect to the design.
  • Clever ad placement: This advertisement stands alone beside an LED wall featuring CK models. Hundreds of shoppers pass by this area every day and will surely come across it.

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