Calvin Klein is now currently offer a special promotional gift with purchase. You will receive a branded umbrella as a promotional gift with any Calvin Klein men’s fragrance purchase of 65$ or more. This is a great example of effective marketing technique, and below we will explain why this is.

Promotional Gift - Branded umbrellas by Calvin Klein

Promotional Gift – Branded umbrellas by Calvin Klein

Why use an umbrella as a Promotional Gift?

To promote Calvin Klein’s brand, this black umbrella is to increase awareness of its potential and existing consumers. Moreover, this promotional product is branded. It was very efficient as anybody will be able to notice the logo. This is really cool way to attract attention to the brand.

Businesses who are looking to add big profits to their business clearly know the benefits of advertising with umbrellas. Custom printed umbrellas are a great promotional gift to use in getting your brand viewed, whether on a rainy or sunny day. Custom promo umbrellas make a huge marketing statement for your business. This is because they offer enormous goodwill when offered as a giveaway promotional gift. Our team will help you to design, manufacture & distribute custom logo umbrellas at cost effective prices.

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Компания Calvin Klein запускает замечательную акцию для мужчин. Совершив покупку на сумму 65$ или более, Вам подарят стильный чёрный зонт с логотипом Calvin Klein.