Ho Chi Minh City proclaims to be the city of coffee culture – and definitely isn’t lying. In every intersection, it is filled with coffee shops, where one certainly wouldn’t forget to get their daily coffee fix! Brewing premium coffee in the depths of Saigon is Hello 5, offering a traditional reusable filter, called a phin, as a premium giveaway item.

Premium Giveaway Item to Maximize Sales

Premium Giveaway Item to Maximize Sales

You may ask what’s so special about this phin? Compared to a coffee maker machine, this phin will present to you Vietnamese coffee with its strong and authentic flavor!

So How Can A Brand Take Advantage of A Premium Giveaway Item?

  • Strengthen Brand Image – By standing out in the wide array of similar brands, Hello 5 has competitive advantage. The increase in brand awareness and recognition through a perfect on pack promo is also cost-effective as compared to digital marketing on billboards etc. Therefore, it is an effective way to engage with customers that will certainly strengthen brand image!
  • Customizability – Hello 5 is able to customize their logo and colors on the different filters which will boost brand retention.  This unique promotional product will hence aid in achieving customer engagement and fuel a beneficial decision making process.
  • Customer Loyalty – A great promotional offer and distinctive product design will capture the attention of customers. However, what encourages repeated purchases is the capability of the brand to market their products. The first step in luring customers is certainly an aesthetic design that is able to convey their message to target audience. This maximizes product sales and builds a stronger customer base for the future.

Overall, on-pack promotional products can certainly create buzz for a brand. Many who did not hear of it initially will soon learn about it through the attractive offer or positive mentions by customers. At ODM, we are highly skilled in brand packaging designs and manufacturing. If you require our expertise, send us an inquiry now!

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