Mr. Juicy is currently offering an on pack promo. Three sealing clips can be received with every purchase of a bottle of Mr. Juicy juice. The sealing clips are branded with Mr. Juicy’s logo. This promotion was found in Wal-Mart, China.

Mr. Juicy(菓汁先生) is one of Hong Kong’s leading juice brands. With over 65% market share in Hong Kong, they offer a wide range of fruit juices and are popular in the Hong Kong and China market.

Keep it Fresh with Mr. Juicy - On Pack Promo

Keep it Fresh with Mr. Juicy – On Pack Promo

Why sealing clip as an on pack promo?

Firstly, a sealing clip goes with the brand. As Mr. Juicy is a juice brand, they would want their juices to seem fresh. As a sealing clip is an item that helps to keep food fresh, it fits well with the brand image Mr. Juicy is trying to portray.

Secondly, a sealing clip is a cost effective on pack promo. Being a standard item, it is easy to manufacture. Economies of scale can also be achieved when large quantities are ordered. Having a cost effective on pack promo is great, not only for big companies. Small companies can also take advantage of these good yet cost effective gifts.

What are the benefits of an on pack promo?

If you didn’t already know, there are countless of benefits of having an on pack promo. Let me just share two main benefits with you.

Firstly, an on pack promo can help to gain brand awareness. Especially if your brand is one that has its product displayed on a shelf, an on pack promo would definitely help your products to gain attention. As an on pack promo is bigger than a normal product, it would be more visible. This means that there would be more people stopping to look at your product, increasing the chance of your product being purchased.

Secondly, an on pack promo helps to foster customer loyalty. When customers receive the gift, they feel valued. This would encourage them to make repeat purchases. Not only does this increase sales, it also makes customers loyal to your brand. In the future, they would think of your brand when they think of a particular product.