Drinks aisles of major supermarkets are overflowing with choice and it is hard to get noticed. Mr. Juicy fruit drinks latest Promotional Product makes them stand out.

Spotted at Park N Shop in Wanchai, purchase two cartons of Mr. Juicy and get a free On Pack with 10 mini Fruit Skewers (also known as “fruit pick sets”).

Functional promo items guarantee repeat usage.  Skewers are not limited to fruit but can be used for general food snacks as well making them extremely useful around the house.

Adding value in the form of a Free GWP is not only a bonus, but a visual unique selling point prompting shoppers to choose one brand over another.  As seen in previous blogs, it is important to make the most your shelf space.

Final comment on this partnership of product and gift, marketers did not brand the gifts with a Mr. Juicy logo.  This decision is showcases a very important balancing act….

  • Print a logo – you get to re-enforce the Mr. Juicy brand each time these mini skewers are used.
  • Don’t print a logo – the skewers have a higher perceived value since they are free from ongoing advertising.

Shopping behaviour mainly falls into key categories of purchasing, brand loyalty, packaging and design, nutritional value, pricing and of course perceived benefits or value added.   Make sure you cater to these on your next Promotional Products Campaign.