A gift with purchase is a useful tool that gives your business that something extra. Vitasoy has made use of such a tool by offering a toy car as a gift with purchase for a box of soy milk for children. The apt use of a toy for a product for children has shown that Vitasoy knows how to use a gift with purchase. Read on to find out how your business can offer its clients that something extra!

Vitasoy is a beverage and deserts manufacturer with its head quarters in Hong Kong. It is well known for its soy milk beverage. From its humble beginnings in 1940, the corporation has since grown to be world-famous, with 8 brands under its name.

Vitasoy GWP in PRC - Gift With Purchase

Vitasoy GWP in PRC – Gift With Purchase

How to use a gift with purchase

Before picking an item to be your gift with purchase, you need to first understand your market. After knowing your market, you would know what gift items are popular. In Vitasoy’s case, they had products for children and so toy cars are a classic toy for children. One would never go wrong with a classic item that has been around for generations. Other classic gift items that are highly unlikely to go wrong are: cosmetic bags for beauty brands, bottle necker for drinks brands.

After picking the item you would like to use, think about branding. Your gift is naked till you’ve placed your brand on it. Besides, one reason for having a gift with purchase is for your customers to remember you. And how can they remember your brand if you do not place your brand onto the gift? Therefore, branding is always a must when offering a gift with purchase.

After this is done, you’re good to go. All you need now is to find someone to help manufacture the gift. And ODM is always here to help you with that.