Get your very own Vitasoy Mug when you purchase over $40 HKD worth of Vitasoy products! This deal was found at a convenience store in Hong Kong, so go check out this interesting offer out for yourself!

Vitasoy Mug Promotion

Vitasoy Mug Promotion

Founded in 1940, Vitasoy is a brand of beverages and desserts in Hong Kong. Vitasoy products were centered on the high-protein soy-milk drink that was first produced by the company. Years down the road, the company expanded to produce a wider variety of drinks.

Mugs are perfect promotional products for the winter season!

As the cold winter season is just around the corner, it is the perfect time to give out mugs like this. This mug is able to hold hot beverages and keep them warm. This means that your customers will be able to enjoy piping hot beverages even when they are out and about! When your customers use this mug, they will be reminded of your company and this will boost brand recall! This is the perfect promotional product for a beverage company as it really compliments the products that they are selling!

Mugs like this are highly customizable as well! Like Vitasoy, your company can design the mug in any way that you like so that it meets your promotional needs! They are also extremely cost effective and are prefect for companies who have a limited marketing budget.

So why not consider offering mugs as a marketing gift? Contact us at ODM to get started on your very own custom products now!

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