As retailers, customers coming back to our stores is a huge achievement. Marketing in real life isn’t just all about attracting potential buyers. It’s about giving them reasons to become your loyal customers. Now, how can you really do that? Do you need to manipulate them, make unachievable promises, or use flowery words just to make more sales? No! You just need to understand the power of premium merchandise to turn customers into not just loyal customers, but into big spenders. So, sit back and learn the benefits of offering premiums in marketing.

Premium Merchandise

Premium Merchandise

Premium Merchandise: Free In-Pack Glass Gift

Just recently, Cappy, a product of Coca-Cola launched its latest premium merchandise. It’s an item with its two best natural juice drinks that comes with a classy “bardak hediyeli” (which means a glass gift). Customers will get a premium giveaway item, a branded glass when they buy this product. The branded promotional giveaway looks sturdy, high-class, and stylish. Great value, isn’t it?


5 Secrets to Turning Loyal Customers into Big Spenders

Premium Merchandise

Premium Merchandise


  1. The value of the premium merchandise

    Cappy Destek and Cappy Atom are being sold together with this Cappy’s newest premium merchandise. From the customers’ point-of-view, not only will they save money by buying two products in a bundle, but they also get a valuable free gift in-pack. This definitely is a great incentive for customers to grab that opportunity.

  2. The connection of premium merchandise with its free gift

    If you are selling promotional cosmetic products, shouldn’t a make-up brush be ideal as a giveaway item? Cappy nailed it. The most suitable free gift item and perfect pair for their products are drinking glasses. So, if you are considering incorporating in-pack promotions into your brand campaign, think of something which is an absolute match for the products you sell. This will surefire way to push sales up.

  3. In-Pack Offer‘s exquisite design

    With the giveaway’s stylish design, any customers would love to collect at least two and even more of that glass. This custom branded promotional giveaway isn’t just for personal use but could be a lovely drinking glass for visitors. The simple design adds a touch of elegance and quality that customers will love.

  4. The freebie complements the main selling idea

    The size of this custom-branded drinking glass is just perfect for the amount being consumed by the buyers. Since Cappy juice products are advertised as a breakfast drink for family, shoppers would tend to buy more to suffice their family members’ needs. So, customers might be delighted to spend more just to have that pretty drinking glass. With the logo in the freebie, customers will get more familiar with Cappy’s brand.

  5. Transparent packaging

    It is also a wise move from the Coca-cola company to use a transparent premium packaging design to showcase not just their Cappy drinks but the glass more importantly. The customized packaging definitely catches shoppers attention as soon as they see these products in the retail stores.

Premium Merchandise

Premium Merchandise


Our Takeaways

To turn your loyal customers into big spenders, you have to double up the advantages of what they are getting from you. Offer premium merchandise that will make buyers go crazy in grabbing your products. If you want your customers to patronize your brand, then match it by adding more value to your branded promotional merchandise.

Customers are not that hard to satisfy as long as you exceed their expectations. So, think of and invest in high-quality free gift merchandise for them. Don’t forget to add your logo so they will always remember your brand while using your premiums.


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