We spotted this cute in-pack offer by Oateo Instant Oats during our trip to Sri Lanka. Attached on the cover are two plush slap bands featuring a reindeer and bear. We absolutely love this idea because it is simple, easy to execute, and engaging.

In Pack Offer

In Pack Offer

As they are targeted towards kids and parents, the products reach a wide range of demographics. Furthermore, this idea of attaching the product on the packaging creates an immediate call to action that lures customers in. This strategy is called on-pack promotion. We have previously posted about on-pack marketing here in our blog so if you would like to know more about this marketing strategy, check it out here:

Through on-pack and in-pack promotions, your brand message is communicated to your target audience right away. As a result, customers are encouraged to act because they know they will receive a reward for purchasing a certain item. In addition, they engage customers with eye-catching visuals. Below, we explain why this strategy by Oateo Insta Oats work and why you, too, should offer on-pack premium gifts.


Why these Slap Bands Make Great In-Pack Offer?

1. Design Appeal

We certainly love the Christmas vibe these free items give off. The bear one is bedazzled with red shiny sequins, creating an interesting color contrast with the white plush.

In Pack Offer

In Pack Offer

2. Inspires Healthy Eating Habit

Kids are picky eaters. They only eat what looks tasty and some even skip breakfast, the most crucial meal of the day. However, with such cute reward, kids will surely be encouraged to have breakfast. Not only do the bracelets look attractive, but they also encourage healthy eating habits.

3. Helps Raise Awareness

Slap bands and bracelets are a simple way to spread awareness about your brand. If you are promoting a cause or working for a charity organization, this could be an effective information dissemination campaign. They are simple, yet very practical and fashionable. For retail business, why not get your brand printed or etched on the band to gain more attention?

In Pack Offer

In Pack Offer

4. Engaging

Pester power is at play here. Because the products target the younger market, they will surely pester their parents to buy the oatmeal for them. The customers will get an additional item for the price of one while the brand gain sales and new customers.

5. Brand Loyalty

Offering an on-pack cereal promotion gift can help the brand show grow their market base in many ways. Customers are more likely to choose and remember a brand that offers customer giveaways than those who do not. Furthermore, customers are more forgiving when they receive something for “free.” Even if the main selling product is expensive, as long as customers receive an on-pack gift with purchase, they are eager to make additional purchases.

6. Walking Advertisement

People often notice things that stood out to them. As such, we are certain that these slap bands will inspire meaningful conversations. When non-customers see this accessory, they might start to ask questions related to the giveaway, which could ultimately lead to in-store sales.

7. Low-Cost Customization

The bracelets are usually made from silicone so they are durable and long-lasting. This in-pack offer also cost relatively little to customize. You can order them in bulk to reduce manufacturing costs. This means, you can reap unlimited advertising benefits at a low cost.


So, would this slap band help boost your brand? If so, this is the right time to get in touch with the ODM team. Our product designers at Mindsparkz are here to help you create promotional product designs that suit your business needs.


More In-Pack Offer Ideas to Help You Brainstorm

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