As brand marketers, sometimes, we hit a stump and just couldn’t figure out our next marketing move. But most of the time, we just need to see everything from a new perspective just like what Lucky Me Noodles did. Lucky Me is a household brand in the Philippines and their on-pack gift “animal bowls” got our attention. Simple and practical, we’ve gained important marketing lessons from this bowl giveaway promotion.

Lucky Me Warms Up Their Marketing With A Bowl Giveaway

Lucky Me Warms Up Their Marketing With A Bowl Giveaway

What Makes This Bowl Giveaway A Good Promotional Strategy?

  • Promo Gift Relevance – These custom printed bowls definitely complements the product itself. Customers shop for instant ramen and they get a free bowl to use for the product. This is a pretty smart move because the marketing gift addresses the needs of the customers.
  • Interesting Tag Line –  Calling these promotional bowls as “animal bowls” changes the whole marketing game. From an ordinary soup bowl to a fun-sounding animal bowl, people will get curious about this promo giveaway. They’ll storm the store aisles and check out what it actually is. Therefore, it sparks the interest of the consumers and promotes brand exposure.
  • Cost-Effective – Simple soup bowls are fairly inexpensive to produce and there are so many ways to use them within a promotional campaign. Lucky Me was able to get their message out there through their on pack bowls without having to spend much. And the more customers use their on pack customer giveaway the more they become accustomed to the brand. Therefore, the gift provides the same (if not greater) level of exposure as TV and print ads. So if you’re thinking of gifting customers with promotional printed bowls, it would be better to speak with your supplier first to know your options. The MOQ for such an item might vary depending on the materials and design. Speak with potential suppliers to better plan out how much you’ll actually need for your marketing endeavor.
  • Customisable – I don’t even have to explain this because you see what Lucky Me did. They printed an animal image on the sides of the bowls to make them more appealing to their target market! It instantly went from zero to hero! When customizing, do consider the materials. Ceramic and stainless steel are ideal as they are hygienic, easy to clean, and safe to use. The downside, it can be more costly to produce a ceramic soup bowl than, say, melamine. While plastic can be cost-effective, it might not be the “safest” choice. Chemicals could leach from the plastic bowl when it comes in contact with heat. That is why it is crucial to choose a trusted supplier. Ask if they conduct factory audits and quality checks before, during, and after the products have been manufactured.

What Needs To Be Improved?

Obviously, Lucky Me needs to work on better packaging for their bowl giveaway. They could’ve skipped the plastic cover and use eco-friendly materials such as cardboard. It would make the whole ensemble prettier whilst supporting sustainable solutions to our garbage problem.

They could also use a free standing display unit to make sure that their promotion is being given the attention it deserves. Using custom designed POS scattered within the shopping store would also help prime customers to buy from them.

So, if you’d like to create your own set of kitchen giveaways, feel free to contact the ODM team anytime. We will assist you from planning, costing, designing, to manufacturing. So what are you waiting for? Contact us now!


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