A promotional backpack is a great item to push your brand front and center. But if you would like to take your marketing game a notch higher, we suggest that you offer customers a unique backpack giveaway. In our photo, we see a clear backpack from Bear Brand. The custom promotional bag also serves as a packaging for the product, thereby differentiating the brand from competitors.

3 Clear Reasons Why You Should Run A Unique Backpack Giveaway

3 Clear Reasons Why You Should Run A Unique Backpack Giveaway

Why Should Your Brand Offer A Unique Backpack Giveaway?

  • Interesting Design – Unlike regular-looking bags, the clear material that Bear Brand uses in their backpacks uphold its reputation. This allows your brand to effortlessly stand out from the rest. Furthermore, the uniqueness of the item attracts customers to check out your brand and products, which may lead to sales.
  • Ample Space for Branding– As seen in the photo, the backpack has a good area for branding because of its wide blank space which is perfect for logo printing. As bags make great mobile advertisements, printing your brand visuals on the front part of the bag means immense exposure for your company.
  • Practical Item – Though the bag looks really trendy, it doesn’t mean that the product designers sacrificed functionality over design. In fact, the impermeable material improves the whole bag. This makes the backpack water-resistant and dust-proof which is perfect for everyday usage. Are you looking for a waterproof bags that would keep your belongings dry? Check out this custom waterproof bag below.
  • Timelessness: Offering giveaway backpack giveaways helped Bear Brand reach out to their main target audience- kids. With such gift with purchase, kids and parents alike will be more than willing to purchase from them. A win-win for both the brand and customers, kids will have something to use at school or other activities while Bear Brand will gain massive sales bump. But most importantly, the timelessness of the backpack make them ideal for just about any industry – be it kids promotions, marketing drinks, or cosmetic marketing.

Overall, giving away an interesting promo gift helps a lot in brand promotion. When people receive a marketing gift that is far from ordinary, they come to associate the brand with beautiful and practical gifts, and quality. As a result, this increases the chance of successful product purchase.

So, if you’d like to create your own unique backpack giveaway, please feel free to contact The ODM Group. We are always ready to assist you from planning, designing, costing to manufacturing. Just send us a message and we’ll be happy to answer your queries.


Other Unique Bag Designs

This solar backpack will definitely come handy in your outdoor adventures. You’ll no longer have to worry if your gadgets run out of juice because you know you have an unlimited power supply through this unique bag.


Most people call it fast fashion, but we prefer to tag it trendy. These bags are trendy enough to launch a new fad between fashion icons and designers. And once your item hits the fashion train, there’s no way of stopping but just enjoy the attention your brand receives.


Lastly, we have an ingenious bag that packs a lot of wonderful features. This interesting bag comes with 2 speakers, power bank, and an inside pocket enough to comfortably fit a 13 – inch laptop. Will all these, we’re sure that this innovative backpack makes a great companion for your travels.