Cosmetic Marketing: L’Occitane Gifts in Custom POS Display

L’Occitane is going all out with their cosmetic marketing campaign. Exciting freebies await shoppers for every purchase of any of their featured products. This strategy opens up great opportunity to introduce their brand to people who haven’t tried their merchandise.

cosmetic marketing

cosmetic marketing

To drive attention and sales, it’s important to present your promotional product in a way that will entice customers. That’s why L’Occitane always comes up with fresh, catchy marketing ideas like this one:


Eye-catching and unique, this bicycle POS display adds a touch of playfulness to their window display.

What’s good about their current campaign is the use of custom cosmetic POS display to make their merchandise more noticeable. Simple, yet remarkable!

cosmetic marketing

cosmetic marketing

What We Love About L’Occitane Cosmetic Marketing Move:

  • Nice POS Display: Their cosmetic POS display makes their GWP promotion interesting. All their featured products and gift items are neatly arranged so customers can easily see them. Shoppers can touch and examine the actual products, allowing them to make wise purchasing decision. Moreover, the use of brand visuals made it easier to recognize their stall.
  • Colorful Advert: The poster, which served as backdrop for their in-store marketing, is truly eye-catching. Since yellow and blue are complementary colors, it made a strong impact on the whole setup. The blue background served as the focal point of the structure. Therefore, experimenting with colors and using attention grabbing adverts can make your brand stand out!
  • Beautiful Packaging:  Packaging plays a vital role in enticing customers. Beautiful packaging makes your brand look professional and reliable. In our example, all their products have nice packaging. As such, their products look high-end and glamorous. Pretty boxes also make their items gift-ready! Check out their on-pack promotion cosmetics bag for an example of a good product packaging from this brand.
  • Cool Giveaways: Stylish and eco-friendly, their GWP basket bags make great collectible item. The bag is made from a sturdy material so customers can use it for years to come. This is also a great way to increase exposure. More people become aware of your brand as customers use your bags for shopping.

Great POS display, beautiful packaging, and high-end merchandise– these are the factors that made L’Occitane’s cosmetic marketing a hit. If you want to achieve the same success, contact ODM today!

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