Beauty and cosmetics is a highly competitive industry in Japan. Thus, it’s extremely important to make a lasting mark so customers will always remember your brand. What better way to stand out than using a custom cosmetic POS display?

SK-II Facial Treatment Essence understands the importance of using beautiful POS displays in promoting their brand around the world. The company believes that unique POS displays will set them apart from their competitors.

custom cosmetic POS display

custom cosmetic POS display

Whether you’re a new or an established brand, working on your visibility is essential to stay ahead of the competition. And using a POS display is a great way to introduce your brand to people.

Here we discuss how you can benefit from this unique advertising idea.

Why Use a Custom Cosmetic POS Display?

  • Clear Message: The Japanese are very good at taking care of their skin. Flawless, radiant, and youthful, one can’t help but wonder how they maintain their skin’s healthy glow. The use of a LED monitor helped SK-II to deliver their promise of beautiful skin to their Japanese market.
  • Great For Indoor and Outdoor Advertising: SK-II used POS displays with movable wheels. The displays can be wheeled out of the store so more people can see it. Thus, moving your custom cosmetic POS display to a high traffic area of the store becomes a breeze.
  • Customizable: POS displays can be tailored to complement your promotional needs. What we love about their freestanding display unit is that it’s well-lit, making the products look high-end and expensive. The use of totem display that looks exactly like their product is also a good move, as it is truly eye-catching.
  • Classy: As a skin care brand, it’s important that your message shows through your advertising. The use of light and colors lend a classy vibe, which suits the product and its target market. This helps strengthen customer’s trust and build loyalty.

Indeed, the use of a custom POS display can help your brand grow in many ways. It allows you to develop a creative marketing strategy that sells.

If you like this advertising idea, feel free to contact ODM. You can count on us for great promotional ideas that are tailor-made for your business. We specialize in designing, sourcing and manufacturing promotional gifts and other marketing tools to make your campaign a success!


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