Promotional umbrellas and bags alike are one of the most common types of promotional products you will see. Both are practical for daily life, umbrellas can be suited for any weather, and bags will always be used for carrying our stuff (and umbrella) whenever we are on the move.

Available in many different designs and shapes to suit preferences, today ODM is going to bring you through the process of designing promotional umbrellas and bags using the dye sublimation technique.

Manufacturing in China Dye Sublimation Bags and Umbrellas

Manufacturing in China Dye Sublimation Bags and Umbrellas

What is Dye-Sublimation?

Dye-Sublimation is otherwise known as heat transfer printing is essentially a method of printing umbrellas and other items digitally via panels to allow products to have vibrant designs, patterns and colours.

Printing is transferred to the bag in this example, using dye sublimation inks onto the surface using a heat press providing a perfect mix of the heat, pressure, and time to create sharp visual effects.

During this process, the inks are one colour at at time, are converted from a solid state to that of a gaseous one which allows for the printing ink molecules to completely penetrate materials such as polyester and polymer-coated materials to create permanent full colour printing inside and outside in the case of the umbrella.

Manufacturing in China Dye Sublimation Bags and Umbrellas

Manufacturing in China Dye Sublimation Bags and Umbrellas

This technology as seen from these promotional bags allows us to create breathtaking and extremely detailed products, and with new technologies and also with the merging of old and new manufacturing techniques; it is one printing process that will create more visually attractive umbrellas for clients.

Let’s admit, the overall result of dye sublimation is breathtaking, creates long-lasting and scratch resistant designs to display. With bags and umbrellas being frequently used, this technique will always make your items stand out.

What are the advantages of using dye-sublimation?

  • Product fabric and logo colours can be pantone matched
  • Shading and graduation of designs for detailed full panel imagery
  • Limitless number of colours can be printed
  • No product deterioration after excessive and prolonger use, colours stay bright and vibrant
  • Can use full photographic prints and tonal images using digital process
  • More reliable than ink jet printing- inks are gaseous, no need to dry
  • Can be used for other promo products such a T-Shirts, paper and plastic products
Manufacturing in China Dye Sublimation Bags and Umbrellas

Manufacturing in China Dye Sublimation Bags and Umbrellas

Why offer dye sublimation umbrellas and bags as promotional items?

  • Design. These specific bags and umbrellas can be designed to match, perfect for giving as a matching set to your customers. With any design and pantone colour of your choice available to print these items have huge branding surface areas and potential. Make your umbrella and bag that favourite item people like to re-use.
  • Brand exposure & awareness. Umbrellas in general are eye-catching, but make your umbrella and bag vibrant and unmissable, your brand will always always be in the know by others. Matched with a great design, people will always recall your brand and be aware of what amazing gifts it offers.

For more information about how dye sublimation works and how to go about designing your own, then feel free to contact us at ODM today. If you really like the products from the blog, then please reference products with codes below to us, and we will be happy to assist.

Bag – ODM-1241
Umbrella – ODM-1242

Here are some more processes and ideas.