Renowned Singapore based lingerie brand, Sorella, are offering customers some very useful promo giveaway items! For this promotion they are offering lingerie bags and umbrellas as nice gift with purchase.  To receive simply spend above $80, $130 and $180 in a single receipt.

Promo Giveaway Items – Lingerie Bags and Umbrellas

Promo Giveaway Items – Lingerie Bags and Umbrellas

Why we think it will be good to offer your customers promo giveaway items?

  • Practicality. No doubt customers will use these gifts in their everyday lives and these gifts are also convenient for different needs. Customers will use lingerie bags at home and will use umbrellas for the outdoors. Important to remember that customers who benefit from your giveaway will tend to remember your brands products better than others.
  • Brand awareness. Sorella offers high quality feminine lingerie so offering customers these giveaway items can facilitate word of mouth advertising. Most women will recommend to friends to visit a store in order to get a free gift, as all women are keen on discounts and gifts with purchases, especially when it comes to lingerie.
  • Increase sales. When a giveaway is being offered, more customers will take note of your company when shopping. This can motivate them to make more unplanned purchases. The display at the entrance with promotional samples will easily catch customer’s eyes, and on display show customers what really nice feminine items they can offer.

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