Tangs Triumph is currently having a giveaway from the 11th January 2013 to 3rd February 2013. You can get this lavish red lingerie case when you spend SGD$388 or more or get it at SGD$39.90. This giveaway is available only at TANGS Orchard, level 2 or TANGS VivoCity, level 1. So hurry down now! While stocks lasts!

Giveaway by Tangs Triumph Lingerie: Lingerie Case

Giveaway by Tangs Triumph Lingerie: Lingerie Case

The Triumph brand, drawing on more than 100 years’ expertise in the design and manufacture of perfect underwear is a leading underwear producer in the world. The brand has a global reputation in the lingerie field as the benchmark for quality and perfect fit. Moreover, Triumph is the only European brand that produces intimate apparel specifically designed and tailored to suit Asian women.

Why did Triumph use this lingerie case as a giveaway?

Often, you would find that a giveaway usually complements its products and in this case, the lingerie case goes hand-in-hand with the lingerie that Triumph produces.

Lingerie are a woman’s essential garment and it is very important for women to find a place to store their lingerie while keeping them in shape. With this lingerie case, women can easily keep their lingerie in an organized manner without having the need to worry that their lingerie would go out of shape. The lingerie case is light and portable which makes it great for travelling purposes as well.

How can this lingerie case help to increase sales?

When one sees a lingerie case, the first thing they would immediately associate it with is lingerie. Lingerie and lingerie cases are complementary products thus this lingerie case can help to boost brand recall as well as brand recognition.

As the consumer uses the lingerie case, she would constantly be reminded of Triumph every time she sees the case. This increases the rate of brand recall among consumers as the first brand that comes into your mind for lingerie would be Triumph. Over time, Triumph would become more recognized as the household brand for lingerie and this would help to generate more sales for Triumph.